Taking Care of Busyness

Office, Errand, Business & Personal Assistant Services            

Nothing is so fatiguing as

 the eternal hanging on

of an uncompleted task.
                                         -William James            

Do you ever wish you had an extra pair of hands or another you? 

Are you starting a new business and need a hand getting everything set up so you can be up and running?

Would you like to clear your 'to-do' list?

Have you had to institute cut backs but still require casual help?

Do you work out of town but need someone in town to run errands, meet deadlines and leave you the freedom of your time off actually being time off?


Taking Care of Busyness is an office, errand, business and personal assistant service based out of Red Deer, Alberta.  We offer a new option to the area by offering a wide array of services from one trusted company thereby ensuring continuity, money and time savings, convenience, efficiency and confidentiality.  These services are offered to everyone - in even unique situations - with the flexibility to accomplish what you need when you need it.

  We are committed to offering genuine, exceptional service and giving you back the gift of time, peace of mind and balance.

Call today 403-348-1442 (MSG)                    Email:  takingcareofbusyness@shaw.ca